As part of the effort by the County and consultant, Design Workshop, to create a Tourism Strategic Plan, Council chartered a tourism plan committee. Originally, called the Tourism Master Plan/ Economic Development Strategic Plan Steering Committee, the committee is now referred to as the Tourism Work Group. After soliciting interest from the community at large, businesses, attractions and local organizations, Council appointed 20 members at their May 16, 2017 meeting. In addition to these members, representatives from the three National Parks will serve as liaisons to the committee. Councilor Susan O’Leary was named as the Chair of the group by Chair David Izraelevitz. County staff members Linda Matteson, Joanie Ahlers, Kelly Stewart and Kirsten Bell will support the group.
The Tourism Work Group serves as an advisory body to the County Council and County planners for the tourism strategic planning process. The committee will provide County staff and Design Workshop with community member input during the eight month process to ensure that the interests of the community-at-large as well as tourism stakeholders are considered as the strategic plan is developed. The group will also serve a valuable role in communicating project progress with the general public and County Council.  


Andrea D. Romero
Blake Wood
Brad Nyenhuis
Craig Martin
Dave Fox
Suzette Fox
David Jolly
Dennis Erickson
Elizabeth Allen
Georgia Strickfaden
Heather McClenahan

Irene Powell
Katie Bruell
Kristin Henderson
Laura Tietjen
Linda Hull
Micheline Devaurs
Phil Gursky
Philip Kunsberg
Susan Brockway‐Hahn (Tom Long)
Becky Zimmermann
Anna Laybourn